An Absolute Belter at Rebound

It was an absolute BELTER last night at Club Rebound at The Glasgow Dungeon!!!


The kink family in attendance were Mistress Vixen, Mistress Felice, Master Sam and Miss Roxy and we were joined by so many fabulously delicious kinksters who made it an AMAZING night always!!

Some of the highlights of the night included:
+A lot of beautiful rope play in our devilish Red Room including a rope suspension on our frame where the bunny was decorated in fairy lights and a Santa hat!!!

+There was a lot of fun in our School Room with a lot of very interesting toys being used, some of which were specially crafted by our members. At the start of the evening Mistress Vixen took two naughty boys into the schoolroom- one for some OTK spanking and slippering for his general cheek and the other to be punished for writing on our blackboard at the last club night. He was given a caning and birching and Mistress Vixen got him to write out ‘I will not write on the blackboard’ 20 times, which appealed to her sense of sadistic irony!

+There were a few newbies who felt a bit nervous at the start but soon got into the swing of things. Mistress Felice showed them how to do some flogging (techniques and safety) which they picked up very quickly and are now really excited to come back again to explore more. Later on Mistress Felice gave her slave a severe punishing for smoking… he was flogged, caned and whipped and looked very sorry for himself indeed! Never underestimate our dominants! They can be nurturing, friendly and approachable.. But also very strict and severe!!

+Miss Roxy held court at the front desk dressed in very sexy military garb and spend the night inventing new ways to humiliate subs and sissies who crossed her path while laughing a lot at them!! Also at the desk was Master Sam whose slave was closely chained to his side, recovering after a flogging session before we even opened the doors, with Master Sam’s stunning new floggers/babies!

Everyone had an amazing night and some even got 50% off entry as promised after last Rebound’s gas evacuation… We were told that the night totally made up for it and were very happy to hear that! What made us even happier is that The Mistresses were brought some delicious chocolates… which we ate before the end of the night!! Nom Nom Nom!

Thank you, our extended kink family for coming along and making it such a fantastic, fun and kinky night!! Hope you all have super sore Sunday bottoms today!!

Looking forward to seeing you next time!

Much Love

The Kink Family at The Glasgow dungeon