Dark Room

Decor : Medieval

Details :

This room holds the heavy steel cross, spanking bench and cage.

The pony saddle, bridle and cuffs sit on the saw horse beside fully functioning stocks and pillory awaiting a victim.


Equipment Available:
➕ Medieval style Bondage chair with leather studded chest harness as well as a built
in collar & wrist/ancle restraints
➕ Large horizontal metal cage/bondage bed
➕ Metallic St Andrews Cross with leather padding & adjustable restraints
➕ Spanking bench
➕ Equestrian gear Inc leather Saddle
➕ Solid Wooden Vaulting horse
➕ Full sized medieval style stocks inc head, arms, & feet
➕ Medieval style Cravat & heavy wooden/metal restraints
➕ Wooden humiliation device
➕ Human rocking horse device?
➕ Small leather straitjacket

➕ Toys Available: CBT equipment, ropes, leather harnesses, ball & chain weights, cod
piece, collars, leads, cuffs, easy hog tie leathers, clothes pegs, clamps, chains,
weights, CP equipment including floggers, crops, canes, gags, hoods, whips, &

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