Emerald Room

Decor : Classic Parisian/1900’s

Details :

Think of 1890’s Paris. Soft green walls complemented by the carved pale wood cross and leather chaise lounge.

Worship boots, shoes or shapely feet while Mistress lazes watching you…

The cages, both upright and floor bound lend to any play, hard black steel or elegant wood is Her/His choice.

The Throne and torture seat leave no doubt of who is in charge and the many mirrors in this room let you see it too.


Equipment Available:

➕ Large horizontal metal cage/bondage bed
➕ Wooden St Andrews Cross with adjustable restraints
➕ Vertical standing cage with contact points
➕ Leather chaise lounge
➕ Religious/satanic play Cross backed metal chair
➕ Trampling frame/CBT torture furniture
➕ Large Queening Throne/toilet with opening seat & head restraint
➕ Portable toilet
➕ Small Queening throne
➕ Leg spreading spanking bench

➕ Toys Available: CBT equipment, ropes, collars, leads, cuffs, clothes pegs, clamps,
chains, weights, CP equipment including floggers, crops, canes, gags, hoods, whips,
& tawses, pet play equipment Inc pet bed, bowls, squeaky toys & pet cage

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