Film Night Follow Up: Secretary

This months Fucked up film night was a showing of  ‘Secretary’ 


It was spankingly good fun!


It was great to see so many new faces (Including one couple on holiday from Germany!)

It was definitely the hottest film night yet!!

Our pre film entertainment had Miss Roxy in a sexy boss lady outfit riding a gimp secretary wearing a saddle into the room to the sultry musical score from the film. She commanded him at riding crop point to type for her on an old typewriter while asking the audience to spell out the word Secretary… and there was a surprising twist at the end.




For the film our large desk was set up in the emerald room where our films are shown and Mistress Vixen who was dressed up in gender bending Boss garb had some naughty secretaries bent over it for a hard spanking.

During the intermission there was more spanking by Mistress Vixen with a brave newbie stepping up for disciplining, while Mistress Felice dressed as The Secretary with her hands in spreader bars behind her neck had Cornettoes placed in her mouth (wrapping still on!) to give out to everyone watching for part 2.



We had our usual free popcorn and soft drinks, some fabulous patter and some even brought their own bottle along all for only £7


Everyone at Impact Therapies @ The Glasgow dungeon would like to thank everyone for attending including those for whom it was their first time at our dungeon and for making the night so much fun!


See you next Month on Thursday 13th For our showing of ‘The nightmare before Xmas’