F**ked Up Film Night

Time : 8pm – 12am

Doors close at 9:15pm


Monthly Event

£7 Entry

A relaxed atmosphere to watch the most debaucherous, obscure, kinky, or weird films in cinema with like minded kinksters.


Fucked up film night is an evening dedicated to celebrating fetishism, kink and BDSM in cinema.

The evening will always commence with a themed piece of performance art from Miss Roxy Sparks and one or more of her fellow perverts.


The evening is an opportunity to informally get together with some popcorn in the dungeon.

So come on to the dungeon to see your favourite films as suggestions are always welcome

Casual dress with an optional dresscode: theme is dependant on the film in question.


Latest event Information: 


Phone: 0141 333 0158

Email: info@impact-therapies.com

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