Film Night Follow Up: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Kink family at The Glasgow dungeon invited all the creatures of the night along to our dungeon for a showing of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ for this months Fucked up film night.



We all had such an Amazing time!


Many guests and regulars came dressed as their favourite characters alongside Mistress Vixen who was Frank N Furter the kink crazed sociopath yet lovable, sweet transvestite with Sub Alexia as a BDSM bastardisation of Lab Columbia in shiny PVC. Mistress Felice was Magenta the sexy and sultry domestic maid and her brother Riff Raff the Manic depressive Time warper played by Master Sam. Miss Roxy Dressed as Janet, the sweet innocent vanilla who gets perverted very quickly by Dr Furter and the gang.


Roxy Sparks and fellow perverts Funky Gee and Curley began the evening with a pre-show performance which was a hilarious skit which explored Brad and Janet’s experience in a Freudian marriage counselling session which takes place 5 years after they escape from Frank n Furter’s castle.


Everyone adored the film – even those who had never seen it before. Of course they did: It’s Amazing! Slave G passed out warm popcorn and we had some red stuff for folks to drink.. if they dared!! There was a bit of singing and some audience participation.. The audience participation was mostly from Mistress Vixen who has seen the film a gazillion times!




We took this opportunity to stop the film and to officially welcome Miss Roxy into our kink family with keys to the dungeon which she had to fish out of blood red non set jelly with lots of ice in it with her face. Mistress Vixen wanted it to be buried in sausages and Mince to go along with the eating of Eddie part of the film.. but was eventually talked into using jelly!

Everyone had a fab night along with a wee dance to the time warp of course!!

We promise to show the RHPS again soon due to it’s popularity!






Miss Roxy aka Roxy Sparks and her fellow performers Funky Gee and Curley enjoying a celebratory key obtaining, post performance, post film-night drink at a nearby bar.





We are excited about next month’s film showing of the ‘Secretary’… Hope to see you there.