Slave Auction – The Aftermath


The evening began with some delicious drinks and nibbles as the slaves all stood shackled to the cage to await their fate.

Mistress Vixen called everyone into the emerald room where the seductive Roxy Sparks performed a mesmerising performance flawlessly. Donning her auctioneer robes, she began the auction.

There was a fantastic selection of slaves both male and female who enjoyed being slaves to all genders.

Roxy used her gavel which she banged down on a helmet she placed on each slave’s head as they were paraded in front of the crowds to lots of boos and excited cheers.

The first coffle of slaves were auctioned off.

While we had a short intermission to hose down the sweaty slaves everyone  chatted about the slaves they had bought and the ones they had their eyes on.

The second half began with a stunning performance from the amazing Sugar of Sugarkane.

Slave 5 then performed her awe inspiring burlesque opera then switched back into slave mode and the second half began.

All slaves were sold in a bidding frenzy.  Minimum bid 1p, maximum bid £30. The rest of the night was spent with the proud owners playing with their newly acquired slaves.

Happy kinksters all round!

Thanks to all the slaves and bidders who made this an extra special night. You were all wonderful.

We raised £205 which will be split equally between our chosen charities which are Alzheimer’s Society and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.


Bring on Slave Auction 2019