Master Muir

master-muir-glasgow-dungeonMaster Muir is a highly stylised masculine homoerotic yet fiercely dynamic fetishistic Male Dominatrix.

Dungeon Master / Dom / Top; with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the fetishism and control of men.

Master Muir invites you into his world and dungeon lair.

I have both a sadistic, no nonsense strict disciplinarian hedonistic edge
as well as a sensual gentle calm disposition, which balances nicely with
my twisted sadistic hedonist nature.

I thrive on utilising my skills, experience and wide range of knowledge to
customise sessions to suit. I take great pleasure in humiliating,
dominating, objectification, restraining, mummification, worship and
training those serving me.

I expect the greatest level of respect, complete obedience and submission
from my subs, pups or slaves.

I will have you grovelling at my feet, on your knees begging if I don’t
receive the total respect I deserve.

I can turn your darkest desires and fantasies into a reality.

I always observe your limits but I am happy to help you push them further
and welcome absolute novices to more experienced fetishists.

This Master is not always located in Scotland

If you would like to book a session with Master Muir, You may respectfully contact him
or email the dungeon.

Personal Links

Website : misterrockhart
Twitter : @MisterRockHart
Instagram: @misterrockhart
Phone: 0141 333 0158