Miss Roxy Switch

Beautiful, youthful, sensual, creative and feral, a true switch who can morph into any role at a moment’s notice. She has the unique quality of immersing herself into a dominant or submissive position, which means she empathically and intuitively feels and understands both sides of play.


A switch of power can be arranged to occur at any point during a session.

As the designated resident switch at the Dungeon, she is the perfect option for beginners or those who wish to experiment, as you have the option of being dominated and then getting you own back if you feel the need to re-balance the power.

As a Dominant:

A beautiful and statuesque dominant woman can destroy a submissive.

Miss Roxy towers over you, standing tall at over 6 foot in her heels she has the innate talent of looking into the soul of the submissive and extracting their depraved thoughts causing fear,
humiliation and exhilaration.

She is an artist, with a background in performance and music, it is safe to say she is a very creative woman, conjuring scenes of any nature because kink is her nature.

Expect a flawless experience, guided into and through the dark depravity of a session you could never forget.

Bow down and worship her beauty, find yourself submitting to her long legs in boots.

Become dehumanised and masked for her, go on all fours and be petted sweetly, she will even hold the key to your chastity around her long neck!

Miss Roxy is particularly good at humiliation, role-play and corporal punishment.


As a Submissive:

She can take and make an impact, watch her pretty eyes widen and soften as she obeys commands.

But watch out she is quite the brat! You will need to be tough and stern with her, especially during pet play or at school.

As a pet you may struggle at first to put a lead on her collar as she leaps around swishing her foxy tail, but don’t worry she can always be tamed.

At school she is very, very naughty and has been known to play with bubble gum, taunt, spit and hiss at the teachers so it might take a lot more than asking her to write lines for her to behave.

Maybe try giving her the ruler and making her strip and do star jumps, humiliation is the key to her submission.

Due to her switch nature she will not receive very hard impacts or lasting marks. This must be respected.

Personal Links

Website: Miss Roxy
Twitter: @MissRoxy9
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Telephone : 07940393220

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