New Year Party Aftermath – Glasgow Dungeon Style

What better way to bring in the New Year than with a gaggle of fellow kinksters?

We had an incredibly busy and amazing night, with BDSM and fetish fun happening in every chamber with kinky friends old and brand-spanking-new joining us.

One lucky newbie got the grand tour from Mistress Vixen. He let slip that he loves to be confined, which resulted in him receiving cage time, in addition to some very tight restriction in our custom-built bondage chair. Word on the vine is that he was delighted to be subjected to such intensity on his very first visit to our Chambers!


In the tradition of first-footing, generous kinksters gifted us some fabulous whisky to help bring in the New Year. To help keep the belly rumbles away, we served up a selection of traditional Scottish fayre, including curried cheese that looked suspiciously like tablet (cue lots of cognitive dissonance and scrunched up faces, quickly followed by sage nods and murmurs of “Oh, that’s actually really nice!”).

A naked barman came to the rescue so that our regular bar folks could play during the party. That he ended up with 50 pegs on his cock is simply what happens when you leave your danglies out in the company of sadists! Muwahaha!


Miss Roxy’s asylum style escape act and burlesque show took us to 20 mins before the bells. That gave us just enough time to make sure everyone had a glass of fizz ready when the bells chimed and we spanked in the New year!

Miss Roxy was also suspended twice by bondage expert CuffKey, making her his last suspension of 2018 and first suspension of 2019.

The whole night was amazing from start to finish with lots of play and shenanigans from our attending residents Mistress Vixen, Mistress Felice, Master Sam, Mistress Amara, Alexia Gasp and Miss Roxy and all our amazing extended Kink Family!!


Thank you to everyone who came along and helped make the best New Year Party ever!

Happy New Year from us all at The Glasgow Dungeon!! Lang may yer lum reek and yer erse be rosy!