Open House

The open house provides a chance to meet up with fellow kinksters in a more casual and relaxed atmosphere than coming to a club night.

For those who have never visited Impact Therapies Glasgow Dungeon this is a chance to come along to see the dungeon, to meet others and get more info about the general kink community in Glasgow before coming along to any busier club events.

For newbies if you wish there is always a friendly human who will be sitting in The Hengler’s circus Wetherspoons for the Open House pre-meet. You will know who they are because they will be sitting with a copy of The BFG book on the table!

For Regulars: You know the score! Catch up with all the usual suspects in a relaxed atmosphere. Plus…. cake!

Casual clothes are fine but if you want to get your kink clobber on then by all means do!

Our 5 chambered dungeon is at your disposal for play, especially when all the cake runs out!

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available at the bar and we will provide some complimentary cakes and biscuits for you to wrap your kinky little fangs around too.

Feel free to drop in at any time during the day to catch up or see what’s going on.


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Phone: 0141 333 0158

Mobile: 07907792958  – Available 7 days a week. No withheld numbers or text/SMS



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