Rebound is a BDSM play event held twice a month on a Friday and Saturday

The rules for Club Rebound:

Rebound is an over 18’s club. Please Bring ID as if we think you look under 25, you will be turned away.

Rebound encourages a safe environment; however you are required to be responsible for your own safety and well-being while in the club and all activity is undertaken at your own risk.

All activity must be consensual. If you wish to set up a scene that may appear to be non-consensual then please contact one of the organisers beforehand or the scene will be halted. This rule also applies to any severe or potentially offensive role play. If unsure, talk to one the organisers to clarify.

The club safe word is RED (unless otherwise stated prior to play). If a safe word is used, play must be halted immediately. The organisers reserve the right to interrupt any play scene for any reasonable purpose.

When people are playing please keep a respectful and safe distance. You can watch, but if you would like to have a conversation with someone, please do so in our bar/communal areas.

Never interrupt a scene.

Clean up your play area and leave it as you would wish to find it.

Types of play not permitted :

• breath play

• fire play

• anything involving bodily fluids/waste (i.e. blood, urine, faeces)

Types of play with restrictions:

• Wax play – if you would like to do wax play, contact us beforehand. Only candles specifically made for wax play are permitted. A DM will be present at all times during the scene.

• Needle play – Can be performed in our medical room if you know how to do this type of play and with a trained DM present at all times. If you don’t know how to do this sort of play then one of our DMs will show you how and if and when we think you are ready to practice on another we will supervise you. You may only use our needles depending on the amount you would like to use – there will be a small fee for use of our needles.

• Medical sounding is also allowed and the same rules for needles will be applied regarding trained DM supervision at all times and tutoring if need be. If you want to try this play contact us beforehand.

No exposure of genitalia outside of play. Topless for all genders is acceptable in all areas of the club.

No sex acts. This includes, but is not limited to, any form of penetration, oral sex and manual genital stimulation.

Rebound enforces a dress code:

Fetish, smart, black. Denim can be allowed as we realise that this is a fetish. No trainers are permitted in the club.

No photographs can be taken without permission of the Club organisers

Come to us and we can organise this for you (In a space where everyone consents to being in the photo).

No phones are allowed out at club nights. 

No paid services may be offered at the club.

Racial, sexual or any other form of intolerance or discrimination will not be accepted or tolerated.

Club attendees are expected to respect the privacy of all other club members and guests and not to act in a way that might be considered detrimental to the character or interest of the club and/or it’s members.

Persistent unwanted advances by anyone towards others are not acceptable. No means no. Touch no one and nothing unless you have asked and been permitted.

Rebound and the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained by any club attendee whilst at a club event.

In particular you are responsible for your own property, safety and welfare

If you see anyone who you think is breaching the club rules, or if you have concerns about anything at the club please tell one of the organisers immediately so this can be dealt with promptly.


Latest event Information: 


Phone: 0141 333 0158

Mobile: 07907792958  – Available 7 days a week. No withheld numbers or text/SMS



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