Red Room

Decor : Wheel/Suspension Frame

Details :

Fitted with the wonderful Fetters Wheel and Suspension frame, this room is filled with items like the leather bodybags and straitjackets.

Floggers, whips, paddles and crops hang on one scarlet wall, while cuffs, gags, bridles and restraints in red and black leather deck another.

The frame is capable of any rope or chain suspension. This includes a shiny black leather swing and body harnesses.



Equipment Available:
➕ Gym horse
➕ Revolving Bondage wheel
➕ Suspension frame
➕ Winches
➕ Sex swing with leg cuffs
➕ Heavy leather sleep sack
➕ Heavy leather straitjacket
➕ High Spanking bench which can be used in various ways
➕ Bend over double Vaulting horse/spanking bench
➕ Bondage throne
➕ Kneeling stocks
➕ Yoke
➕ Various Spreader bars

➕ Toys Available: collars, leads, cuffs, easy hog tie leathers, clothes pegs,
clamps, chains, weights, CP equipment including floggers, crops, whips, ropes,
canes, gags inc O ring & assorted bit gags, D rings & caribinas, bondage tape, &

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