School Room

Decor : Traditional Schoolroom

Details :

Exactly as it sounds, equipped with all the tawses and paddles for the heart’s desire. Teacher’s desk has a selection of interesting items and there is a slipper just waiting in the drawer.

Pupils have their desks in front of the blackboard where punishment exercises await.

A number of teacher’s gowns and pupils’ uniforms are available in various sizes.


Equipment Available:
➕ Authentic school Desks
➕ Blackboard
➕ Canes
➕ School robes & school girl/boy clothing
➕ Hats inc: mortorboard? dunces hat, schoolboy hat
➕ Tawses
➕ Teachers desk
➕ Gym horse
➕ Workbooks
➕ Cheeky porno mags
➕ Straps
➕ Paddles
➕ Games
➕ Exercise books
➕ Chalk
➕ Duster

➕ Toys available: many tawses, canes, paddles, straps

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