White Room

Decor : Medical, Tgirl Dressing Area, & Splosh

Details :

A 6ft by 7ft isolation cell with glass doors and a feeding hatch contains a brown leather spanking bench in one corner.

This cell shares a room with our Medical Facilities. Nightmarish or pleasurable?

All play is possible within this cold sterile space from sharp sensation to surgical adventures.


The White Room also houses our space for Tgirls & crossdressers to get a full makeover.

See equipment list below for a full itinerary of what we have on offer for this.


The cell can also act as a splosh tank which is set in to the room allowing the messiest of play in one of the largest splosh areas in Scotland.

This leaves the imagination to roam from wrestling in gunge to pie fights or being slimed into submission by a willing Dominant

Note! Surcharge for sploshing session applies to cover additional cleaning costs

N.B. There is a modesty screen in the room which can be moved to block off any irrelevant areas depending on the type of scene you wish to conduct making the backdrop to your play session even more authentic.


Equipment Available:
➕ Medical bench
➕ Psychiatric containment cell
➕ Sounds
➕ Enema kits
➕ Anal speculum
➕ Vaginal speculum
➕ Medical masks
➕ Dental equipment
➕ Restrains
➕ Autoclave
➕ Electrical conductor gel
➕ Electro play vibrating magic wand
➕ Suturing kit
➕ TV/sissy section inc: wigs, clothes, stockings, heels, full length mirror,
dressing table with theatrical mirror, & tons of makeup
➕ Splosh tank
➕ Brown leather restraining/spanking bench
➕ Needles
➕ Medical modesty screen
➕ Safety equipment etc

If you aren't familiar with some of the medical equipment etc then please Do Not Use. 
Please speak to a member of staff for more information on this. 
If a DM or Mistress is available you may be in for a chance of a demonstration on the safest way to use this equipment however if this is not an option then this equipment is out of bounds.

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