Book Launch of ‘Bitter Sweet’ by Fhionna Mac

The Glasgow Dungeon is honoured to host the book launch of ‘Bitter Sweet’ by Fhionna Mac on Sunday 18th of August between 4-5pm.

Despite the nom de plume, anyone who has been involved in the fet scene any time over the past 30 years will know that the author is none other than the inimitable Master Fhionna, who is one of the most respected Dominants on the scene and this is for good reason; If you watch her in action and at play, her mastery of floggers, whips and other deliciously evil implements show her experience and absolute dedication to her craft. If you look at her focused gaze as she brandishes her implements of choice and see the absolute and utter devotion of those who she has Mastery over you can tell she is a Dominant who commands respect. If you chat with Master Fhionna you soon realise that none of this goes to her head as she is as down to earth as she is hilarious, thoughtful and non-judgemental. In every way deserving of the love and respect of the kink community and we can’t think of anyone better to write a book about BDSM and can’t wait to read it!!!!

Free entry to Open House for those who buy a copy of the book.

As the book Launch is during an Open house, cakes and biscuits will be provided as well as tea/coffee available from the Bar.


Aeneas has a wonderful home, a good job and a supportive boss, but he desperately seeks change. He is the master of his own fate but is drawn to the possibilities of life as a slave. He’s never shared this desire with anyone but concludes it’s time to confide in his best friend, Hank, hoping he will understand.

Fhionna has her own display-artist business but also runs a successful fetish event called Violate. She lives on the outskirts of Glasgow in a large house inherited from her parents but has converted the basement in to a wonderful dungeon. She’s an intense character who is head strong, intelligent, and loves to be adored, but believes that respect is paramount to all of her relationships. She has high standards and expects the same of others.

The characters that gravitate towards her have their own motives for wanting to be a part of her life but Stephan becomes a major interest to her. He exudes charm and has many talents but his masochism is his true gift. This makes him the prime target for Aeneas’ jealousy as it becomes apparent that he is highly valued by her. Stephan is the person who is most capable of disrupting Aeneas’ choice to remain as her slave, even though it’s the one thing he’s always dreamed of becoming.

Excerpts from ‘Bitter Sweet’

Pleased with him, she caressed his cheek with the back of her hand then strapped his wrists and ankles into place, covered his eyes with the blindfold and slipped the thick phallus between his lips. She was amused to see his erection and enjoyed the aesthetics of his bound and helpless form. Next she attached the clamps to his nipples and watched the tiny teeth burrow into his flesh, almost like hungry little insects.

Aeneas shifted slightly in his sleep, only half aware of the footsteps crossing the room. He was having some very erotic dreams about the time Master had told him to write down his fantasy and then made it come true. He remembered the powerful feelings, how scared he’d been waking up strapped down to the bench, unable to move apart from to turn his head slightly. He’d cried like a baby but had wanted to be raped. His Master had quite clearly said be careful what you write about because it might come true but he hadn’t really expected it to be so like the fantasy. He’d been very explicit and rather naive to think she wouldn’t know someone that could ‘help her out’.

About the author

I’ve lived and loved being part of a wonderful BDSM community for just over 30 years and I truly love all those I choose to consensually Own. The first time I attended a fetish club I felt a little out of my depth but by the 4th time, in as many months, I’d decided it was the lifestyle for me (as a dominant woman). It didn’t take me long, afterwards, to establish my own fetish club, with my partner and 3 friends, which ran every month for 16 years. I taught myself to expertly use all manner of ‘toys’ but quickly grew to adore the pain/pleasure dichotomy and evolved into a compassionate sadist. While it may sound as though such contradictory concepts are not compatible, the paradox is that one should only exist in unison with the other.