Brush Up- 28th April

Day : Sunday

Time : 6pm – 9pm

Safe space to practice together.

This month: Flogging

This month’s brush up will be flogging. Flogging is such a versatile form of impact play. It can be a very sensual caress or an extremely painful hit.
From a gentle warm up on the back, to a heavy thud on someone’s bottom. This is what makes flogging suitable for almost everyone.

We will discuss the different types of floggers you can get, where not to hit and the different styles of flogging.

Glasgow Dungeon’s very good friend Master Fhionna will be attending this months brush up.

As most of you will know, Master Fhionna is one of the top impact players in our BDSM community. We are delighted that She will be coming along to share Her flogging skills and knowledge with us.

This will be a great brush up for all levels.

There will be a demonstration, discussion and a chance to practice.
We can also provide floggers if you don’t have any to use.

Why not come along and practice, learn and share knowledge in a safe environment.

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