Dominants / submissives

Advance booking is advisable but as many of our Dom/mes and Subs work during the day and some evenings at the dungeon it may be possible to call to arrange a same day session. This is a non-sexual service.
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Mistress Vixen


Mistress Vixen is our resident fetishist and adores facilitating all types of fantasy. She is athletic and strong but at the same time curvaceous; a size 12 with 40 DD breasts. She has shoulder length or longer dyed red hair which reflects her fox like persona.     Mistress Vixen has extensive training and experience […]

Mistress Felice


Mistress Felice is feline personified from the way she moves with cat like precision to the way she will toy with you, her prey. This tall, seductive and sleek dominatrix has honed her craft, kinky to the last, she will have you begging for mercy. Mistress Felice is both calm and calculated and she also […]

Master Sam


Master Sam is a strict and sadistic Master who will bring you into his world with clever charm and have you will follow his every command. This Master has a calm disposition which is balanced well with his sadistic nature. He likes to have fun, but be aware, he is definitely in charge. He does […]

Trans Mistress Ashleigh


Enter the realm of Mistress Ashleigh where pain is pleasure, humiliation is security and servitude is freedom. As a trans woman she walks the boundaries between 2 very different worlds. Dare you kneel in front of her in submission? Mistress Ashleigh is considered by many to be a trans goddess. A great lover of fetish […]

Mistress Karra G


There’s no doubt who is in charge when You walk in to the room. The Mistress has control not just over her sub but over everyone who enters her domain. The preparation before play and her attention to detail is meticulous. Mistress will ensure the safety of her sub at all times and is primal and protective […]

Mistress Amara


Mistress Amara is a feisty BBW Dominatrix and is delighted to be working at the wonderful facilities of Impact Therapies Dungeon. Short in stature, her bubbly and wicked personality more than makes up for being vertically challenged (after all, she prefers her subs on their knees). Having come out the womb with kink in her […]

Mistress Annabella


For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her acquaintance, this is Mistress Annabella a Professional Scottish Dominatrix located in the heart of Glasgow. She is an approachable lady but also strict and firm as required. She will help you explore yours whilst introducing you to new ones. Her sessions take place in Glasgow’s […]

Miss Roxy BDSM – Switch

Miss Roxy BDSM - Switch Glasgow

Miss Roxy is a professional BDSM practitioner who Identifies as a switch because she adores both sides of power play and personally believes; Bondage, Discipline and SadoMasochism to be foundations of human erotics. Miss Roxy has a holistic and refined approach toward BDSM, kink and fetishism and actively engages with the psychosexual and physiological elements […]

Submissive Alexia


Submissive Alexia is a true submissive and fetishist with many loves. Alexia has a slim build and loves a bare handed spanking. This submissive has experience of many different fetishes & a whole variety of play scenarios. She particularly enjoys schoolgirl roleplay, predicament bondage, receiving verbal Domination, & puppy play as well as electro & […]

Ms Daphne Laurel (‘Madam’)

Ms Daphne Laurel

Fiercely intoxicating, our Greek Goddess Ms Daphne Laurel – or ‘Madam’ as Her loyals will call her – will keep a hold of your senses as soon as you enter Her presence. Sybaritic and hungry in every sense, She embodies the most ancient and primal form of the Divine Feminine. A hypnotic set of hazel […]

Master Muir


Master Muir is a highly stylised masculine homoerotic yet fiercely dynamic fetishistic Male Dominatrix. Dungeon Master / Dom / Top; with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the fetishism and control of men. Master Muir invites you into his world and dungeon lair. He has both a sadistic, no nonsense strict disciplinarian hedonistic edge as […]