Emerald Room


Decor : Classic Parisian/1900’s   Details : Think of 1890’s Paris. Soft green walls complemented by the carved pale wood cross and leather chaise lounge. Worship boots, shoes or shapely feet while Mistress lazes watching you… The cages, both upright and floor bound lend to any play, hard black steel or elegant wood is Her/His […]

Dark Room


Decor : Medieval Details : This room holds the heavy steel cross, spanking bench and cage. The pony saddle, bridle and cuffs sit on the saw horse beside fully functioning stocks and pillory awaiting a victim.   Equipment Available: ➕ Medieval style Bondage chair with leather studded chest harness as well as a built in […]

School Room


Decor : Traditional Schoolroom   Details : Exactly as it sounds, equipped with all the tawses and paddles for the heart’s desire. Teacher’s desk has a selection of interesting items and there is a slipper just waiting in the drawer. Pupils have their desks in front of the blackboard where punishment exercises await. A number […]

Red Room


Decor : Wheel/Suspension Frame Details : Fitted with the wonderful Fetters Wheel and Suspension frame, this room is filled with items like the leather bodybags and straitjackets. Floggers, whips, paddles and crops hang on one scarlet wall, while cuffs, gags, bridles and restraints in red and black leather deck another. The frame is capable of […]

White Room


Decor : Medical, Tgirl Dressing Area, & Splosh Details : A 6ft by 7ft isolation cell with glass doors and a feeding hatch contains a brown leather spanking bench in one corner. This cell shares a room with our Medical Facilities. Nightmarish or pleasurable? All play is possible within this cold sterile space from sharp […]