Defaced Blackboard Comeuppance at Open House

November ’18 monthly Open House was so much fun.

All the usual suspects and friendly regulars were there along with the constant sprinkle of new faces. It’s a great social event with lots of tea, cake and coffee.

The red room gets taken over by people attending the rope workshop which is free to all attendees of the Open House.

Mistress Felice in particular loves the Open House as it’s a nice informal event. Fetishwear is not necessary so it’s great for first timers to dip their toes in and get a gentle introduction to the dungeon too.

At a previous Rebound, one of our regular attendees thought it would be clever to deface the blackboard in the school room tut tut.


But his punishment from Mistress Felice caught up with him at Open House where he was made to wear the dunce hat for 45 minutes so everyone knew he was due punishment.

After his corner time was up he was sent to the school room to receive  5 hard strokes of the cane administered by Mistress Felice herself. It’s a hard job being the disciplinarian but someone has to keep these naughty students in line. Rubbing his sore bottom, he promised he had learned his lesson. We shall see.

There was some amazing play happening in the medieval room and the Mistress spent a good while mesmerised by a very experienced Domme playing with her sub.

As Open House was wrapping up our very good friends Glasgow Does introduced a power exchange discussion group hosted by the delightful Leatherandlight. This time it focused on consent and was very informative.

This will be taking place every second month or so after Open House and is free to everyone.