Glasbound with Master Sam December 18

This months Glasbound was a best it’s ever been!

What began as a civilised affair quickly descended into debaucherous fun!

The night started off with most of us sitting in the social area, discussing all things kink! After a while, everyone decided to go and do their own things, some watched as others played and some joined in with others too!




Master Sam, the youngest Master in Scotland & host for our Glasbound evenings, decided to put on a little flogging show and used his own personal slave as the victim. Lucky boy.

Many activities ensued: There were floggings, spanking and caning, pup play and even a couple of mummifications to name but a few.




All in all it was an excellent night of kinky play! A huge thanks to the regulars and new faces that came along. It was a pleasure, as always, hosting you all.


Until next time, my kinky boys…





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