Miss Roxy BDSM – Switch

Miss Roxy is a professional BDSM practitioner who Identifies as a switch because she adores both sides of power play and personally believes; Bondage, Discipline and SadoMasochism to be foundations of human erotics. Miss Roxy has a holistic and refined approach toward BDSM, kink and fetishism and actively engages with the psychosexual and physiological elements which are integral to her conduct. A Proud Pervert who engages with the dichotomy of pain and pleasure is the key to a world of desire.


Miss Roxy BDSM - Switch


As a Submissive, Miss Roxy will do as you say because she wants to make you happy and facilitate your fantasy. She enjoys seeing her dominant pleased with her and will do almost anything to avoid disappointment. In a role play setting she will play the part and particularly enjoys school girl scenes and being captured in bondage.

As a Dominant: Miss Roxy is very knowledgable and creative. One of her passions is guiding a submissive on a uniquely depraved erotic journey, manifested within a power exchange. Miss Roxy has the ability to make you powerless through whichever means necessary; through cruelty, coldness or hypnotic suggestion. Miss Roxy has all the tools she needs to make you do what you want to do, which is submit to her You will submit because she will make you want to and you are guaranteed to enjoy it. Her Most sadistic scenes take place to the music of her favourite classical composers, Miss Roxy becomes the conductor and orchestrates the sounds of torture and pain.


Miss Roxy BDSM - Switch Glasgow


As a Switch: Due to Miss Roxy’s switch nature she has the unique ability to understand you and feel the depravity and drive of desire from both sides of the coin. Miss Roxy is also very empathic and intelligent so you are bound to enjoy a switch session to experiment or indulge in power exchange.

Session List

Sensory deprivation
Medical Play
Inducing Psychological and/or physical catharsis
Corporal Punishment
Role Play
Psychological domination and bondage
Slave training
Behaviour modification
Strap On
Water sports (very large bladder with good bathroom control)
Double Domination (Humiliation sessions with a Master or double Domme with a Mistress)
Obedience training
Foot fetish
Electrical play

Personal Links

Website : bdsm-kink.co.uk
Twitter : MissRoxy_kink
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Phone: 07940393220