Preaching to the Perverted – January Film Night

Join us at Impact Therapies Dungeon in Glasgow for the screening of

‘Preaching to the Perverted’


Featuring a pre-show talk by the film’s fetish consultant & visiting Mistress: Miss Kim Rub

Entertainment by our very own Miss Roxy

If you haven’t seen it, Preaching to the Perverted is a deliciously fetishistic British comedy which focuses on lifestyle Dominatrix Tanya Cheex (Guinevere Turner). Tanya resides in her kink commune surrounded by subs/slaves and even a human lamp by day and by night she hosts an exclusive dazzling underground BDSM club. Her exciting electrifying life and surroundings are made even more colourful in contrast to the beige Government Ministers who try to bring her down with their political conservative attitudes towards BDSM which are shown to be hilariously hypocritical.

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