The Devils Film Night – 21st February

Come all ye filmverts to our screening of ‘The Devils’

This month’s FUFN choice is the stylish religious horror, The Devils, helmed by Ken Russell and with a production designed by Derek Jarman.

Originally banned in 1971, The Devils is a scathing parable about the dangerous ways that the powerful can exploit religious zeal to keep the status quo.

Russell’s film is based on the true story of the trial of Urbain Grandier, a Roman Catholic priest in 17th Century France, who is accused of witchcraft and being possessed by the devil.

Oliver Reed stars as Grandier, a veritable lothario, and Vanessa Redgrave stars as the hunchbacked nun who is sexually obssessed with Grandier.

The film was originally banned in several countries due to its religious themes and sexual violence.

It was eventually given an X rating by the British Board of Classification – but only after the most incendiary scenes were cut.

So why is it fucked up? Well, there’s the small matter of nuns descending into orgies inside the church, exorcism enemas and well, masturbation with crispy fried femurs!

So come and join us on Thursday 21/2/19 to watch The Devils.

Feel free to dress up as nuns or priests or other religious garb, so that we can get right in the mood (costumes optional)!

Popcorn and juice provided. Bring your own bottle!

Entertainment by our very own Miss Roxy

Thursday 21st February 2019

Fucked up film night – 7 till late.

+Doors Open at 7pm

+Doors Close at 8pm

+Entertainment at 8:15

+Film Starts 8:30

£7 Entry – Casual dress: themed to film or kink and fetish attire optional

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Phone: 0141 333 0158

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