Tribute / Rates

1 hour – £120

For most sessions we advise at least one hour to give you enough time to relax, explore and immerse yourselves in the experience of being in our capable hands.

½ hour – £70

There are some sessions where 30 mins may be enough time.

Perhaps you only need a certain amount of corporal punishment in our school room before being sent home red faced and bottomed?

You may have a fetish or fantasy you are unsure of how to explore and would like to dip your toes in the water before committing to longer sessions?

If this is the case, most of our Dom/mes are happy to see you for 30 minutes.

45 Mins – £100

If you are looking for a session that fits into your lunch break at work or if you can’t spend the full hour with us for any reason then we offer 40-45 min sessions.

1 ½ hours – £175

If you know that spending just one hour with us is not enough (Remember time flies when you (or we) are having fun) You can also spend 1 ½ or 2 hours with us.

2 hours – £230


Double Dom/me and Duo Sessions – £230ph


Couple Sessions – £180 per hour

Whether you would like to Dominate your partner alongside one of our Dominants or both submit together OR If you would both like to use one of our Submissives during your session.

*You can also have sessions where our dominant’s friends or personal slaves sit in during sessions:
We charge £50 extra per person


Due to the clean up involved our splosh sessions are £140 for single sploshing and £160 for mutual splosh/wrestling


If you wish to spend longer than 2 hours with us inc. lengthy stays (over night or all day) then contact us for required tribute.


If you don’t see the pricing for the type of session you would like please contact us and we will let you know.